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About Us

Length Breadth Height is a Furniture design studio based in Ahmedabad, Our designs are inspired by the surroundings that comprise Natural materials, Culture,Crafts & Craftsmanship of Contemporary India. Our love for materials and their properties reflects in the production methods that are tailored to perfection with honest design language.

Our collection is inspired by the living nature that surrounds us. The seasons, the colours and the materials. All captured by hand, custom-made and perfected and immortalized in beautiful, timeless designs. Handcrafted details and outstanding quality are captured in a peaceful universe of soft, earthy colours that creates calm, luxurious and beautiful spaces.

The surrounding nature is our greatest source of inspiration. Based on our design heritage, which is based on simplicity, craftsmanship and honest materials, we create design collections that pursue a single goal from the first sketch to the end product: to create designs that endure. 

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