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Kanso Pendant Light

Kanso Pendant Light

Inspired by Japanese lanterns, Kanso pendant lamps transform light into poetry that merges strength, stability and grace. Completely handmade with traditional materials, the pendants are developed with metal and different sets of handmade papers.

Each pendant is unique and comes in three different shapes and sizes, which can be combined to create original compositions.‎

  • Specifications

    Materials: Handmade Leather Paper, MS strips - Powder Coated Black

    A - Dia 10.5" , H 18" , B -  Dia: 11" H: 18", C - Dia 11" H: 18", D - Dia 11" H: 18", E - Dia 12" H: 11", F- Dia 12" H: 11"

    ​Delivery: 6-7 Weeks

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