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Slant Table Lamp

Slant Table Lamp

Slant is a captivating fusion of rustic charm and wabi-sabi aesthetics. Crafted from paper mache with a black rustic finish, this lamp exudes character with its textured surface and earthy hues. Its distinctive design features a curved arch base and a slanted top, adding an intriguing asymmetry to its form. Inspired by the beauty of imperfection, this lamp embodies the wabi-sabi philosophy, celebrating the beauty found in natural flaws and the passage of time. Whether gracing a cosy living room or a minimalist workspace, our Slant Table Lamp infuses any space with warmth and character, inviting you to embrace life's simple pleasures.

  • Specifications

    Materials: Paper Maiche - Black Rustic Finish 

    Dimensions: Length - 11", Breadth - 11", Height - 20"

    ​Delivery: 6-7 Weeks

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