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Tunnel Wall Sconce

Tunnel Wall Sconce

A square-shaped light fixture entirely crafted from smooth alabaster. The fixture features clean lines and precise edges, showcasing the natural beauty and translucence of the alabaster material.

In the centre of the square, there's a meticulously carved tunnel-like form, also made of alabaster. This tunnel gently diffuses the light emitted from within, creating a soft and inviting glow that radiates outwards.

The simplicity of the design allows the inherent elegance of the alabaster to take centre stage. As light passes through the alabaster, it highlights the subtle variations in colour and texture, adding depth and interest to the fixture.

This minimalist yet sophisticated design would seamlessly integrate into any space, bringing a touch of organic beauty and ambient illumination wherever it's placed.

  • Specifications

    Materials: Alabaster, M.S Base - Powder Coated 

    Dimensions: Length - 5", Breadth - 2.5", Height - 5"

    ​Delivery: 5-6 Weeks

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